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This is the website for my San Diego-Coronado titles

Southern California Author

San Diego AuthorLet's Walk On The Beach Together… I've written a lot of fiction set in San Diego-Coronado and continue the work (it's a joy).

I've also researched and explained (nonfiction) the 1892 true crime/ghost legend at the Hotel del Coronado. I'm the first to solve the mystery that's baffled the world since 1892. It all makes sense now.
See: (Coronado Mystery—dedicated site).

For information about my San Diego/Coronado novels and books, please visit my San Diego Author bookshop on this site. Click in the middle column on this page as well.

For all my work (over 40 books plus shorter works), come on over to Café Okay. Click images in the far right column on this page.

NOTES. (other interesting notes coming soon)
1 Quick Title Notes (Inspirations, Archetypes)
2 Coronado Ghost Story:
— Richard Matheson, Christopher Reeve, Jane Seymour

More info soon. Site continues under construction.